Troubleshooting help to get you started!

Practical and easy-to-use: With the AEROFIXX application tool and AEROSANA VISCONN sealant from pro clima, you can quickly seal transitions between different building components in an airtight manner – both indoors and outdoors! Thanks to its double functionality, this convenient airtightness tool can spray sealant or else apply beads of sealant. As a result, locations that are difficult to access are no longer a problem!

The best results are obtained when the sealant material is inserted correctly, the technician is able to handle the device properly and the AEROFIXX application tool is in perfect working order. To ensure all of these requirements are achieved, we have produced a series of short videos (with English subtitles) on the most important aspects of handling, working with and cleaning the AEROFIXX spray gun.

In these short videos, you can find out everything you need to know about using AEROFIXX!

Quick start: AEROFIXX essentials

AEROFIXX quick start

How do I start up AEROFIXX? This video quickly takes you through all the steps required to make AEROFIXX ready to use. The short videos for each step are available in our overall playlist.

Changing the tubular bag

Is your cartridge of sealant empty? This video shows you what to take into account when changing the tubular bag and how to start spraying again.

Use after an idle period

AEROFIXX may be left lying unused and uncleaned for a few weeks. The sealant material in the tubular bag will still be fresh. This video shows the steps that need to be taken when starting to use the device again after an idle period.

How AEROFIXX works

The most important factor in the mode of operation of AEROFIXX is its clever air pressure system. This video explains precisely how it works and how this affects the spray finish.

Step-by-step: Using AEROFIXX

These videos deal with preparatory steps and the proper operation of AEROFIXX

1. Pressure setting and compressor requirements

2. Default setting of the pressure reducer on AEROFIXX

3. Release and lubricating agents

4. Inserting the tubular bag

5. Cutting the tubular bag

6. Inserting the material nozzle and screwing on the spray head

7. Continuous downward pressure on the spray head

8. Screwing in the air nozzle

9. Setting the spray head to spraying

10. Fine adjustment of the air-material ratio

Spray finishes and types of surface

11. Spraying onto smooth surfaces with AEROSANA VISCONN

12. Spraying onto porous surfaces with AEROSANA VISCONN

13. Spraying onto smooth surfaces with AEROSANA VISCONN FIBRE

14. Spraying onto porous surfaces with AEROSANA VISCONN FIBRE

15. Correcting defects with a brush

16. Spraying over a gap

17. Embedding fleece

Line/bead application

18. Line application with AEROSANA VISCONN FIBRE

19. Applying a bead of Orcon F (without an air nozzle)

Quality assurance

20. Checking the application thickness

Storage and cleaning

These videos provide useful tips relating to storage, cleaning and more.

21. Storing and transporting AEROFIXX

22. Storing the tubular bags

23. Cleaning the material and air nozzles

24. Troubleshooting: cleaning the spray head